Bromley Wedding photographer

confetti shot in South London church



If you are planning your wedding in Bromley and have already found the venue, you are probably looking for a photographer for your special day.

I’m a Bromley wedding photographer and I have covered several weddings around Bromley and Beckenham and surrounded areas. Particular attention deserves the Bromley Civic Centre where the majority of local couples tie the knot!

Your wedding photographer style

The choice of your photographer is very important, because your photos  are going determine how your wedding story is going to be captured, what emotions are going to be there, and will convey the mood of the day.

Every photographer tells a story differently, depending on how and what they see or feel while they work.  It’s like authors writing with their own style which goes along with their personality.

bromley documentary photography

These are 3 words that describe the documentary style: un-staged, candid and natural.

As a  result,  the images will be an authentic representation of reality through the eye of the photographer.
Documentary photos are never planned in advance so anticipating moments is really crucial and requires experience and practice.

Only the ability of predicting what’s coming next, gives the opportunity to create beautiful pictures of instants, only lasting seconds.

My style is purely documentary which means that I work without interfering with the flow of the events but at the same time I frame my pictures intentionally to compose them beautifully….and I push myself to do it in every situation.

To have a look at my work, I invite you to browse the images of a wedding that I photographed locally in Bromley, with the ceremony at St Peter & St Paul’s Church and reception at the Bromley Court Hotel .  My job is observing how a wedding day unfolds, without interfering, directing or posing.  My standards are very high and I work hard to create artistic images without interrupting the flow of the events.

And speaking of weddings in Bromley: have you already decided on the venue? If the answer is no, you can check out this article on Ceremony Venues in Bromley.

If you want to have a chat about your wedding in Bromley please contact me, I will be happy to answer all your questions!

Brides getting ready at the Bromley Court Hotel example of Bromley wedding photography Bromley Wedding Photographer Bride preparation at the Bromley Court Hotel example of Bromley Wedding Photography by Piccolino Weddings Details preparation shot at the Bromley Court Hotel - Bromley Wedding Photography by Piccolino Weddings Bromley Wedding Photography portrait of bride shoes Bride portrait at arrival at church. Example of Bromley Wedding Documentary Photography by Piccolino Weddings guests waiting for the bride at St Peter and St Paul church in Bromley - Bromley Wedding photography by Piccolino Weddings Ceremony at St Peter and St Paul church bride and father of the bride by piccolino Weddings - Bromley Wedding Photography Ceremony picture at st Peter and st Paul church in Bromley by Piccolino Weddings - Bromley Wedding Photography Confetti at the st peter and st paul church in Bromley -Documentary photography in Bromley Couple Portrait Photo from Bromley Wedding photography porfolio of Piccolino Weddings Wedding Couple Portrait at the Bromley Court Hotel by Bromley Wedding photographer piccolino weddings Cake Cutting Group Photo at the Bromley Court Hotel by Piccolino Weddings - from Bromley Wedding photography portfolio