Documentary Photography in Bromley

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What is documentary wedding photography?

Documentary wedding photography is an increasingly popular style of photography, not only for weddings but also in other fields, from family to nature, up to major events.

As the word suggests, the purpose of Documentary Wedding Photography is to document the event in its authenticity, creating natural images which convey authentic emotions. We are therefore very far from the classic posed photos, where the scene is staged and not at all spontaneous.

Documentary is simple concept but being a great documentary photographer is challenging and it is hard work!

What does it mean?

Being  a good  documentary  photographer and putting together a unique wedding reportage, requires  experience, technique and a trained eye.
The photographer is ready to capture the key moments  and, at the same time, he/she observes details, captures the unexpected, is patient and is technically prepared to capture moments in any light scenario

Unlike posed photos, documentary photography has the power to unleash the exact same emotions, even after some time.

It’s very important  to connect with your wedding photographer and most importantly to trust him/her.

In order to do this, it is crucial that you  meet your potential photographer and see if you match.

Tell him/her about your story, how you met, remember, the photographer doesn’t know anything about you! So tell him your background.

The photographer role is to capture the events but enriched by your feelings and the ones of your loved ones. When you look at your pictures,  you want to live these feelings again and again.  This is essentially his role. You can also read my other post how to choose your perfect wedding photographer

who am I?

My name is Francesca and I am a wedding photographer based in Beckenham, Bromley.

After years of working as a natural wedding photographer in Bromley and Kent  I found that documentary style is what I do best.

Every time that I  document a wedding,  I feel honored.  I work hard to tell the story of your special day, using or creating light. Composition is also very important to create special images.

My greatest joy is to see the face of the couple lightning up in front of the photos of their wedding day  and relive the same emotions of the wedding day.

How does the ceremony take place and how does a documentary style wedding photographer behave?

The photographer is always there, so much that he becomes part of the background and he does no longer get noticed. From the bride getting ready until the dance shots, when everybody is a bit drunk, the photographer merges with the environment and capture the whole mood

Expert of storytelling, the photographer does direct anything but looks for the light which makes people and moments stand up

If you are looking for documentary wedding photography in Bromley , browse my website . If you are looking for a venue nearby click here

Details preparation shot at the Bromley Court Hotel by Piccolino Weddings Brides getting ready at the Bromley Court Hotel by Piccolino Weddings Bride arriving at Bromley Registry Office - Bromley Documentary photography Confetti at Chelsea Town Hall by Bromley Documentary wedding photographer Bride feeding son at the reception by Documentary photographer in Bromley Grandma and groom