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Maidstone Wedding photographer 

I’m a Maidstone Wedding photographer based in Beckenham in Kent but very close to London. I love my weddings in London and in Kent for different reasons and they offer a variety of scenarios and backgrounds that keep me excited and enthusiastic!


Maidstone is the largest town of Kent and its a popular location to get married because of its beautiful venues.

Maidstone venues are particularly suitable for large weddings If you love nature and the English Countryside I strongly recommend to have a look at some of the local venues here, you won’t be disappointed.  Generally the venues are surrounded by acres of parkland. They all offer is a stunning view suitable for romantic weddings and incredible celebrations whatever the season.

This is why, in this page, I’m going to talk about some venues that in my option deserve to be mentioned, I’ll also post some of my photos so that you can have a feel of my work fused with the beauty of the Maidstone venues.


The orangery

Maidstone is home to many beautiful wedding venues, and the Orangery is no exception. Located in the heart of Kent, the Orangery offers a unique and stunning setting for your special day. From its expansive grounds to the grand halls, this Maidstone venue is sure to provide the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. With its beautiful gardens, picturesque lake, and modern amenities, the Orangery is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Archbishop’s Palace, Maidstone – REGISTRY OFFICE

Set among the picturesque Kent countryside, the palace has been used for weddings and other events for centuries. Today it is a sought-after wedding venue, with its idyllic setting and elegant architecture providing the perfect backdrop for your special day. if you want a bit of history, The Archbishop’s palace was formally the fourteenth century residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury and it’s situated in the heart of the town

LONGTON WOOD – a little gem in maidstone

Longton Wood is a very special venue and I had the opportunity to photograph Nicola and Richard unique wedding.  It’s so special because the ceremony and reception space set amongst the trees.  You can then enjoy some glamping to have a truly unique experience!


When it comes to finding the perfect Maidstone Wedding Photographer to capture your special day, you want to make sure you choose a photographer with the experience and eye for detail to capture all of your precious moments. You also wanna be relaxed and trust that your photographer will document everything that is important from you: from the grand entrance, to the to the teary-eyed embraces and the laughs during the speeches…. I’d recommend to have a  read by blog post about how long to book a wedding photographer for as it might be useful for planning your wedding…it definitely gives a few tips 

If you like my photos and want to have a chat please get in touch! I’d love to help!

Group shot at Maidstone Archbishops Palace by Maidstone Wedding Photographer Ceremony shot by Piccolino Weddings - Maidstone Wedding Photographer Speech shot at Longton Wood by Piccolino Weddings Couple portrait in Longton Wood by Maidstone Wedding Photographer Piccolino Weddings couple arrival at Longton Wood reception by Maidstone Wedding Photographer Maidstone Wedding photographer shot about speeches at Longton Wood venue Longton Wood evening reception shot by Piccolino Weddings Maidstone Wedding photographer Longton Wood reception shot by Piccolino Weddings in Maidstone Longton Wood glamping shot in Maidstone