wedding photographer in london

I'm  London wedding photographer and I love the atmosphere of the city!

Living in Beckenham make is easy to experience the green and rustic countryside of Kent and the trendy and cool atmosphere of the South London venues

Ether way,  it's exciting being the author of your wedding story.

Being a documentary photographer in London also means blending in with people. A wedding day is itself so intense and interesting that people quickly get accustomed to my presence at the point that I become nearly "transparent" which is exactly what I want.  I find it then so natural to blend in and capture your wedding story ..beautifully,  piece by piece,,,




Whatever I'm photographing, apart from the main story,  I also like observing those little moments that no one really focus on.. the moments you don't see during your wedding..... children  playing during the speeches,  guest' expressions or I just curious, simple, little instants that makes the heart sing.




Even though I'm a documentary photographer, the couple portrait session is part of your wedding day and deserves attention. Having said that, I'll make the experience as natural as possible trying to make you relax in front of the camera and be yourselves.

I like making things very simple. The session normally takes place right after the ceremony, confetti and during the drinks so not to disrupt your day too much. It doesn't normally last for more than 20-30 minutes as I'm sure you'd rather spend your time with your loved ones and enjoy your party.

Even though the background and the location is part of your day, the most important thing is you! So, during the couple photoshoot,  I'll help you feel relaxed and most importantly being you. How? Don't worry, I have my tricks.  I'll make the experience fun and pleasant!  And remember, no one likes having their photos taken!