Tenisha and Tony Wedding at Club Langley Beckenham

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Tenisha and Tony Wedding

On the 29th of April I had the pleasure of photographing Tenisha and Tony’s Wedding at Club Langley Beckenham. A unique, African/Jamaican wedding of a vibrant couple and  parents of a beautiful girl and tender young twins boys.

The wedding took place in a Catholic Church in Anerley followed by a lively reception at Club Langley in Beckenham

Bride  Preparation

We started off at her house in Thornton Heath at 8:30 am. Sisters and mum arrived too and helped out in a super busy environment where the children were excited and actively playing in the lounge room.

It was sisters’ make up time, then mum and then Tenisha. She was beautiful, sensual being just just her.  She seemed to me like a very strong woman, a dedicated and loving mum but not too keen in expressing emotions.  I have waiting for them in order to capture those moments of joy and tensions,  when they came out, and they were lovely.

The ceremony @St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Anerly

It was soon ceremony time. I  rushed to St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Anerly  in order to take some photos of the groom, Tony, who was there waiting for this bride.

It was a fantastic moment when Tenisha arrived and all the bride and groom party were outside the church, waiting to see and greet her. Mum gave her away.  Tenisha was a very tall bride with hidden emotions which  gradually came out ready to be captured!

Reception @ Club Langley

After the ceremony we quickly reached ClubLangley in Beckenham  where the reception took place and the show started.

The most important guests entered the reception dancing great music, with vivid colors and a warm atmosphere.  It was so exciting and addictive that I have starting dancing as well while I was working!

Then it was speech time where laughs and emotions arise which translate for me in  great photos opportunities.

I felt a lot of unity between families and friends, a deep feeling of love and trust which fulfills.

Apart from a photographer prospective this  was also a great experience as a spectator. So thank you Tenisha and Tony for having me as your photographer. I have been delighted.

Children playing at the bride houseBride's sister make up - Tenisha and Tony Wedding in LondonBride's sister make up - Bride preparation wedding in London Flower girls getting ready for the wedding - Bride preparation at Thornton Heathtwins asleep at bride's house - Wedding in London Bride preparation - make up time - St Anthony of Padua - Catholic Church - Anerly

Tenisha - Bride preparation - Wedding London

Bride getting ready at the window London

bride getting ready - London groom waiting for the bride - st anthony of Padua Catholic church AnerleyBride arrival at the Church - Anerley Guest at Tenisha and Tony's Wedding Bride arrival with mum at Church couple getting married - Tenisha and Tony Wedding London

Groom and groom party group party - St Anthony of Padua - Catholic Church - Anerly

bride and groom party at Club Langley