Anglo Argentine wedding at Nutfield Priory

Veronica & John’s wedding at Nutfield Priory was a beautiful blend of English and Argentinian traditions.

The first time I met Veronica and John, I felt an immediate bond. Veronica, being Argentinian, displays the warmth so typical of Latin people and John made me feel at home straight away.

A wedding is such an intimate occasion.  As a wedding photographer I always like to meet my clients before their big day. I want to understand their expectations and to make sure we’re all comfortable with each other. Which we soon established we were!


The wedding took place on 20th January and, as with every occasion I photograph, I arrived very early to familiarise myself with the environment and the light. Always an issue with our changeable British climate.  We were lucky. The 20th January was a beautiful day with the winter sun shining its gentle light on the Nutfield Priory Hotel in Redhill  the scenic Victorian country retreat in Surrey where the wedding was to take place.

Veronica and John’s brief for the day was to capture the preparations before the ceremony, the ceremony itself and the celebrations following the marriage. Each three stages of the day were very distinct and I approached it in my usual way.  I captured the natural, candid expressions of the wedding party and their guests as the day progressed.


I loved photographing Veronica and her close female relatives as they got ready in the hotel; there was so much excitement in the air, it was impossible not to be swept away by it all!

Then photographing John, his family and the wedding guests as they waited for the bride to arrive was a fantastic moment – so much anticipation in the air and wonderful to see close family and friends gathering for such a special occasion.

It was a beautiful ceremony, with the accompanying harpist providing an atmospheric backdrop to the wedding vows. Veronica looked incredible –bringing real Latino glamour to the Surrey countryside – and she and John looked so happy together throughout the celebrations, as did their guests who threw themselves into the party with gusto!

It was a wonderful day and I felt very honoured to be part of such a happy, joyful occasion. The love between everyone attending was clear to see which made my role as the wedding photographer a very enjoyable one.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Drew!