"Francesca specialises in recording weddings in the most authentic way of telling the story of the day as it really is. She has the ability to put people at ease which results in photographs which capture the true essence of your wedding day in a beautiful, creative way"

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“I have always loved the way a photograph can preserve a particular moment in time and I am constantly seeking out those spontaneous moments which really convey the essence of a person or the mood of a group.”  

South London Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Piccolino weddings

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I'd love to tell your wedding story

I specialise in documentary and natural wedding photography and I COVER LONDON AND PART OF KENT


Photography is my job but most of all a passion which is stronger than ever and push me continuously in defining my style and my technique.  I've been a professional photographer for over 5 years now. I cover London and Kent but I'm happy to travel further if required.

My mission is to look for the emotions and every special moment of your wedding day but in a discrete way,  blending as much as possible until you won't even notice me any more.   You can relax, enjoy and make the most of your day! I'll make sure  I'll put together everything to tell your story with beautiful images.

After years of photography, I found what I really like and what I'm good at It's the documentary approach. So recording an event with my eyes and my technique. This way of photographing is basically what I am:  raw, real, transparent, honest, emotional, fun.

But what is documentary photography?

It's capturing people and their story in an authentic way, following the flow of the events but in an artistic and beautiful way, It's also important connecting with people and their feelings. Emotions make moments and beautiful images.

I strongly believe that other than experience and technique, a good photographer needs to connect with his clients.

Whether I’m photographing families, weddings or special occasions, I am focused in observing the events and I search for spontaneous moments of joy, tears, laugh, fun,  which in the end, it's what really matters.


Ensuring my couples are comfortable and trust me is very important for me and for you.  I strongly recommend meeting you in person for an initial consultation and with no obligation.  if we live too far we could use Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. 

Once we met and got to know each other, we'll keep in touch and communicate about your day and its schedule, group shots, timings etc.  This will help me in foreseeing moments and emotions and be ready with my cameras. I'll explain how I work, what equipment I use and the process which will follow your wedding. 


Once you are happy with my work and with me as a person, we'll go through the booking process with is detailed in the prices section 

That's it for now, if you simply want to have a chat about your wedding, please give me a call as I'd love to know more!


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