Wedding preparations: what to do after the engagement

Will you marry me? Yes, I do. The marriage proposal is so exciting and magic until we realise there is so much to plan! This is fun but can be overwhelming and sometimes even stressful! What to do to plan a wedding? To organise everything efficiently and plan properly every detail, it could take several months.

So, how to start:

1) Venue

The very first thing that every couple do when start planning their big day is the choice and the booking of the venue. Here the useful link where you’ll find a list of the some of best wedding locations close to Beckenham and South London Worth mentioning the Barbican and the Rosendale, where I had the pleasure to photograph a few weddings (see some images below)

2) The couple

The couple will have to choose a lot of things and details for which I strongly recommend to set up a list or visit the Bridebook for tips and advice.  Apart from big things like the dress, the suit, and the rings, the couple will have to choose the witnesses, the bridesmaids, flower girls and the transport for them and guests (if required). Let’s not forget the make-up artist, hairdresser(check Amanda Roberts  or Lindsay Clough ) the flowers, church decoration, the shoes and accessories like hair clips, bag…and so much more

3) Guests

The guest list actually has priority above everything in the planning journey as the venue size will actually depend on how many people will be invited. It is wise, in my opinion, to look for a venue where the ceremony and the reception can take place so that people don’t have to move from one place to the other. It’s so much easier and stress-free. Don’t’ forget the invitations the seating plan and favours (for which I would suggest Terre Verdi a multi winning award organic beauty cream company which can do customized favours)

4) The photographer

The photographer has a super important role. It’s the one who will capture the most beautiful day of your life and will make those moments to last forever. A photographer must be able to capture the emotions of the couple and guests, he should be creative but still able to preserve the authenticity of the happening. The photographer should document your moments in a beautiful and artistic way.

I’ve been a professional photographer for nearly 5 years and photographing people has been my passion for years and finally became my full-time job. Here’s my website I love capturing weddings and observe emotions, happiness, and joyful people. I feel I’m allowed to live other’s people intimate event and my mission is to record it with my vision.  It’s such an honour and I’m focused on making sure I deliver something precious and to last a lifetime, and more 🙂

I’ve posted a selection of my images. If you like my style please contact me

That’s all for now. Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with planning your wedding!!